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What is a bland diet for crohns disease?

Because every patient has dietary "triggers" that can exacerbate symptoms, doctors like to "start from scratch" when treating symptoms. Putting you on a bland diet can seem cr (MORE)

How can you get Crohns disease?

Doctors still are not quite sure how patients develop Crohn's disease, but as many chronic illnesses, they believe it is directly related to a person's genetic structure, and (MORE)
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How do you get crohns disease?

They really don't know. Browsing the internet will get you hundreds of definitive answers but the truth is, if they knew, they could develop a cure and they can't do that yet. (MORE)

Is Crohns disease a progressive disease?

Crohn's Disease isn't considered progressive, only because it isn't predictable or steady. It may get worse for some people, and for others, they go into permenant remission s (MORE)
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What is a modified diet for crohn disease?

Every Crohns patient reacts differently to what they eat during a flare up of symptoms and when everything is calm and the disease is in remission they may tolerate everything (MORE)
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What is frequency of births with crohns disease?

The fertility rates for women with Crohns disease are not much different from those without Crohns. Women with Crohn's disease should also be aware that pregnancy often resu (MORE)

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