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Who was Cronus?

Cronus was a Titan. He overthrew his father (Uranus) by castrating him. Cronus then proceeded to swallow each of his children after they were born because of his fear that the (MORE)

What was Cronus the god of?

He was the king of the Titans and ruler of the world in Greek mythology before Zeus (his own son) overthrew him. The harvest, nature and agriculture; similar to the Roman Sa (MORE)

Is cronus dead?

No Zeus released Kronos and his brothers from Tarterus, and made the old Titan king of the Elysian Islands, home of the blessed dead.
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What happened to cronus and why?

According to Greek mythology, the beginning of time was called Chaos. When Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Sky)(Heaven) were formed, the six titans came to be. Cronus married (MORE)