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Is the ankh cross a Christian cross?

The Ankh was one of the earliest forms of the Christian cross called the "Crux Ansata" or 'cross with a handle'. It was adopted by early Coptic Christians. ANSWER 2: No, t (MORE)
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What is a cross?

x Answer a cross is where Jesus was crucified and the cross is the one that Jesus carried before he was crucified. Answer Pagan Phallic symbol of fertility.The symbol of Ph (MORE)
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Why is there a cross on hot cross buns?

Previous Answer: It was a donkey that carried Mary to the stable to give birth to baby Jesus. The cross on the bun represents a donkey as they have a cross in their fur. It a (MORE)
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How do you cross breed on Animal Crossing?

You need to put two of the same flower diagonal to each other and then give it 2 days and then you will get more flowers then give it 2 more days and then you will get flowe (MORE)
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Cross infection and cross infestation?

Cross infection and cross infestation happen when and infection orinfestation is transferred in some way, like by combs and brushesin a salon. An infection is a type of germ t (MORE)
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What does the cross in red cross stand for?

I believe it has something to do with the fact that the Red Cross originated in Switzerland and the Swiss flag is a white cross on a red background. So they went with the same (MORE)
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Why do hot cross buns have crosses on them?

These buns are traditionally eaten in Lent and especially on Good Friday, the day jesus was crucified. The crosses are there to remind us of the Cross on which he died.
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Was the cross jesus carried a full cross or a cross beam?

He carried the full cross. Answer Christ was crucified on a cross, but there are at least 3 types: - " T -shaped" (or "low tau") . - " + - shaped" (or "high-tau") (MORE)
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What is a crossing?

A crossing is an intersection at which roads, lines, or trackscross, or a voyage across a body of water.