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Why do you venerate the cross?

Roman Catholic AnswerTo venerate is to show respect for, admiration, awe, etc. It is NOT worship. One venerates the Cross as the way that God chose to accomplish our salvation (MORE)
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What is crossing check?

Crossing a cheque refers to the action where the person issuing  the cheque makes two diagonal lines on the top left corner of the  cheque. This means that this cheque can b (MORE)

What do the red cross do?

The American Red Cross responds to emergencies all over the world. They bring food, water and emergency care to anywhere they are needed. They try to ease human suffering in t (MORE)

What the meaning of the cross?

People use the cross as a representation of Jesus dying on one. It is a reminder of Jesus' love for you; that he died so you may be forgiven, and a sign of God's love; for he (MORE)

What is the Victoria Cross?

It is the highest British Empire and Commomwealth Military decoration presented for Valor in the face of the enemy and is the equivalent of the Medal of Honor in the U.S.
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What is a terminal cross?

  A terminal cross is one of which the offspring are not going to be used for breeding programs or genetic improvement. Usually these offspring are market animals.
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Why do hot cross buns have crosses on them?

These buns are traditionally eaten in Lent and especially on Good Friday, the day jesus was crucified. The crosses are there to remind us of the Cross on which he died.
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What is the blue cross?

 A large health insurance company. I cannot find a definition for the term 'blue cross' if that was your question.   The shield is for professional services like doctors (MORE)

What is the divine cross?

The divine cross is a great cross or intersection in the sky. It  reaches from one end of the galaxy to its opposite side.
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What is zero crossing?

Zero crossing is commonly used in mathematics and electronics. Its  when the mathematical function changes represented by crossing at  an axis.
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