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What does crucial mean?

Crucial means being essential or decisive for determining theoutcome or future of something; extremely important; Cruciform orcruciate; cross-shaped; Term of approval, particu ( Full Answer )
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Why is water so crucial for life?

Because everything that requires water, is made mostly of water. So without water, we would die.
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Navy crucial to success in Vietnam?

Extremely! Without them, the poor air force would've had to transport every tank, field gun, airplane, jet, helicopter, parts, vehicles, fuel, food, ammunition, and men to and ( Full Answer )
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In the Passion of the Christ what are the crucial event?

I feel there are at least 3 crucial events in the Passion of Christ: When Jesus is tempted in the Garden the night before He is taken. This is a crucial time and a test for J ( Full Answer )
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What is the most crucial war for the US?

This is an opinion question and reasonable cases could be made for almost any war or conflict in which the United States has been involved. Every event in history has both sho ( Full Answer )
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Is water the most crucial nutrient?

Water is the substance of life. Without it, you'll die. It's an essential nutrient and plays a vital role in all physiological functions of your body. Your body is about 70 ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for crucially?

Getting fuel to operate the shelter's generator was crucially important. In the poorest countries, schoolbooks are crucially needed.
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Why is water crucial?

water is crucial because by crucial you mean necessary. Why is water necessary, oh i don't know, maybe because it is a component of almost all mater, and every human has it in ( Full Answer )
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Why is PSLE crucial?

Exactly why is PSLE extremely important? It assess just how much you've learnt within the six years inprimary school after which allocates you to a secondary schoolbased on y ( Full Answer )