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Create a sentence using the word crucial?

Her answer was crucial in finding the location of the  treasure.    It is crucial that you continue taking the antibiotics until  your prescription runs out, or else (MORE)

What is the etymology of the word 'crucial'?

The English word crucial (1706, meaning cross-shaped) derives from the French crucial, which is actually a medical term for the ligaments of the knee, which cross each other. (MORE)

What comprimises were crucial to the success of the convention?

The Great Compromise, or Connecticut Compromise, which stated that both a House of Representatives (in which the number of representatives a state got was determined based on (MORE)
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Describe the crucial role of enzymes in metabolism?

To put it simply, enzymes are proteins that catalyze or speed up the reaction of processes within cells. So when an enzyme attaches to a process, such as metabolism, it can sp (MORE)
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How is bacteria crucial to life on earth?

Bacteria is crucial to life on earth. The reason bacteria is  crucial is because of their role in the ecosystems they live in.  Some bacteria break down dead organic debris (MORE)

How should you invest your money in this crucial market?

We should invest in a systematic manner - buying regularly in small quantities. Also we must buy only fundamentally sound companies (Large Caps) which have a proven perform (MORE)

Why was the battle of Verdun so crucial?

The Battle of Verdun was within 100 miles of Paris so Franco was  not going to let Germany take it. Germany's plan was to wear down  France so that they would eventually pul (MORE)