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What is animal cruelty?

The Humane Society of United States defines animal abuse as follows: . Animal cruelty encompasses a range of behaviors harmful to animals, from neglect to malicious killing (MORE)
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What rhymes with cruelty?

i don't think that any real words do but you could always make up some :)
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What is dog cruelty?

Dog cruelty can range from a lot of things, such as neglecting it, or abusing it. Abuse is described as hurting the dog in any way that puts the dog at discomfort. You can als (MORE)
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Why they do animal cruelty?

Some people have mental problems or need anger management. People who have anger problems sometimes take there anger out on animals, rather than people. Than again you have th (MORE)
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What is the symbol of cruelty?

I was thinking maybe some sort of lion or tiger baring its fangs angrily (not that tigers or lions are always mean animals). I was also having trouble with this question but t (MORE)
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What are cruelty parties?

There are many different kinds of cruelty parties... Some involve people and others involve animals... please be more specific...
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Can you kill with cruelty?

Yes. If you've known mean people who are widowed, their late spouses lost the will to live because of living with someone who isn't friendly.
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Is there cruelty in zoos?

yeah i used to work in one. Maybe you've heard of it ,the zoo i used to work at, San Diego zoo? anyway im Dr. Marcia Sanchez my co-worker and i were eating lunch in the staff (MORE)
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What was slave cruelty?

yes in the south most slave owners whipped their slaves if they do something wrong or attempt to escape the south