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Why are vegetables crunchy?

Well, that's because of the cell wall. It is basically a thick  outer layer protection for the plant cell. You don't have cell  walls in animal cells, that's why your chicke (MORE)

Where can you find the crunchy cornstarch?

  My latest method. Not much has changed, although I can now make my own by texture. Still the 3:2 ratio for Starch water seems to hold. To create a falkier texture, with (MORE)

Can cats eat crunchy food?

Cats can eat crunchy food, yes. Dry cat food is hard and crunchy. However many cats don't usually chew such crunchy food; many will bite once or twice or even swallow them who (MORE)
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Is sourdough bread crunchy?

It can be but does not have to be. Two examples of sourdough bread with very different textures are French "baguette" (yes traditionally it was a sourdough!) with a crisp crus (MORE)

Where can you buy crunchy argo cornstarch?

You can't buy it crunchy anymore, but to make it crunchy you have to heat the starch. The best way to heat it isin the microwave for 2-3 minutes. First step: pack the starch t (MORE)

What is a sentence using salty and crunchy?

Salty and crunchy are both adjectives. Thus they can be used in the following possible sentences: Potato chips are good when they're crunchy and salty.I like crackers to be c (MORE)

What is the difference between crunchy and crispy?

Crunchy is used to describe the texture of food that is firm and solid but not hard and is has moisture or juice in it like vegetables and fruits. Crispy is used to describe f (MORE)