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Why is toast crunchy?

Because when you put it in the toaster there is some heaters in there and the heat drives out the moisture. This will make it harden up and get crunchy.
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Why are apples crunchy?

Answer Because they were made crunchy. For example - you were made with bones inside of you. You were made with blood also. Apples were made with seeds inside of (MORE)

Why are cucumber crunchy?

Many things are crunchy, and in food it is a most desirable quality. Celery, hokey pokey, thin fried potato chips, snow , and many others exhibit this property. Some of th (MORE)

Is crunchy an adjective?

Yes, it is an adjective meaning having a certain texture. The noun form is crunch, and the verb crunch means to chew noisily.
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As crunchy as what?

Some things are as crunchy as a handful of dry rice, crunchy enough to break your teeth open. Other things are as crunchy as a bowl of granola cereal.