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Why do you cry in church?

  Usually because one is touched by the Spirit. It is the Spirit testifying to you that what you have heard is true. It gives you understanding of something that you have (MORE)

Do crocodiles cry?

A FACT: Crocodiles cannot cry; they lack tear ducts. Yet this is a myth; Crocodiles possess lacrimal glands which secrete a proteinaceous fluid, just like in humans, though t (MORE)

Can dolphins cry?

Yes dolphins do cry. Nobody knows when their sad of crying. This is all due to the jaw because of the shape of the jaw everyone says oh look he's smiling no their not.

Crying for no reason?

Happens all the time. Mostly because so much emotions are buliding up, and one thing happens to push you over the edge. Personally, it lasts for quite awhile. But I feel bet (MORE)

How can you stop crying?

It's okay to cry, don't stop! It's good for your health, and it makes you less stressed, it makes you feel better... I do cry sometimes, it makes me feel great afterwards. Wha (MORE)

Can a panda cry?

yeah they cry their cry is like a groan but the cubs cry and sound like humans
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Why do you cry when you pray?

Because you get filled with the holy spirit that fills you with such great overwhelming happiness that you cry. Because your religion is filling some sort of emotional need. (MORE)

What is cry?

Crying is the most common way that human beings relieve the pressure of strong emotions.    When you cry, you produce drops of water or tears from your eyes.  People oft (MORE)

Why are you always crying?

you are always crying because when something bad happens or someone mean does something to you your body reacts and feels upset i am always crying because i am ussaly upset be (MORE)