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What do you do for your dog when they are crying?

Just hold him and make sure they know you love them. Dog treats are good unless he/she was bad and is crying because you're mad at them. Pat their head and walk away. 30 min. (MORE)
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Why does a baby cry?

Well the baby might need something like its diaper changed, hungry, needs to be burped, hurt, or maybe it just wants to cuddle! The baby may also have something wrong with it (MORE)

What is the Cry of Dolores?

The cry of dolores is the speech that father Miguel Hidalgo said to start the revolution and free Mexico from Spain, so that Mexico could be free.
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Why does atticus cry?

Atticus cry's because he is overwhelmed with the whole court thing and when Mr. Robinson brings him that food for him just trying and losing the case it pushes him over the to (MORE)

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What does infant mean?

  An infant is a very young child or a toddler. From age 0 - 6 << Infant. That is why first school is refered to as 'Infant school'
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What is cry?

Crying is the most common way that human beings relieve the pressure of strong emotions.    When you cry, you produce drops of water or tears from your eyes.  People oft (MORE)

What rhymes with crying?

anything that ends with ing. It sounds even better if the first syllable has the hard "i" sound, like crying does. sighing lying hiding biding fighting flying so (MORE)

What was all the fuss about agnethas bottom?

Well, it was clearly fabulous. Some journalists said she had the best bottom in pop. When some reporters asked her about this during Abba's 1977 Australia tour she wasn't impr (MORE)