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What is Catholicism and Judaism?

Catholic believe and follow the works of Jesus, but Judaism did not agree of it because they await the messiah to  come.Most of their teaching based from the law of Moses.  (MORE)

What is a mitzvah in Judaism?

The word 'mitzvah', which is Hebrew, is most commonly translated as  'commandment'.    The mitzvot (pl) are found in the Torah and form the basis for how  Jews are me (MORE)

Why is there Judaism?

The question is worded rather awkwardly and leads to two separate interpretations. I will attempt to answer both. 1) Why did the first people who professed what is now calle (MORE)
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How do you convert to Judaism?

Firstly, the entire conversion process is contingent on which sect you wish to join. A potential convert would need to contact a synagogue and speak with the Rabbi of the rele (MORE)
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What is the philosophy of Judaism?

The philosophy of Judaism is that this world is a purposeful  creation by God, in which all people are tested concerning their  use of free-will. We possess a soul which liv (MORE)

Is Judaism in Christianity?

Answer 1   YES. The Torah, the holy book of Judaism, is actually the first  five books of the Old Testament in Christianity: Genesis, Exodus,  Leviticus, Numbers, and De (MORE)

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Is Messianic Judaism a form of Judaism?

I'm going to give you a complicated answer to what might seem, at  first glance, to be a simple question.    Movement of Messianic Judaism   If, by "Messianic Juda (MORE)