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What is the crystal for in a crystal radio?

The single most important function required in order to strip the voice or music off of an AM radio signal is: - At some point in the receiver, push the current through som (MORE)

What are the advantages of crystallization?

Crystallization is advantageous over other separation techniques  because the crystals are pure, as concentrated as possible, help in  formulation, and they will aid in filt (MORE)
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What is euhedral crystal and anhedral crystals?

A anhedral crystal is not well formed due to limited growth in environment. A euhedral crystal are well formed with recognizable faces from more space to grow.

How do you make crystals?

ALUM CRYSTALS you can find alum in a grocery store under 'spices' it is used for pickleingPour 1/2 cup of hot tap water into a clean jar.Slowly stir in alum, a little at a tim (MORE)

What is a liquid crystal?

Liquid crystal is a type of substance that has a liquid flow.  However, it still retains some order in the arrangement of the  molecules. Contemporary liquid crystals are us (MORE)

What is fractional crystallization?

thats easy , there is two definition one in chemistry way and the other in geology. chemistry:a process to separate different solutes from a solution geology: a natural proce (MORE)

Principles of crystallization?

the basic principle of crystallization is the fact that the solute should be soluble in a suitable solvent at high temperature and the excess amount of the solute is thrown ou (MORE)

Is jade a crystal?

Jade, unlike some other precious minerals and gems, is  microcrystalline but is translucent or opaque rather than  transparent. In this regard, it is similar to opal and ony (MORE)