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Why is the moon not habitable?

There is no atmoshere at all. No Oxygen to breathe. No  atmosphere to shield you from the heat of the sun or the cold of  the darkness. No atmosphere to protect you from oth (MORE)

What are crickets' habits?

A crickets habits are basically to eat, mate, and chirp. They do  not have a horribly long life span to their soul purpose while they  are alive is to reproduce.

Is mercury habitable?

No, because there's no atmosphere, too hot for life, and since there's no atmosphere to protect it from asteroids and comets, it gets hit almost every day.

What are cat habits?

I Couldn't really name all the habits cats have. But i shall name a few: Climbing curtains, Scratching stairs, Marking teretory. Many more, Don't worry most cats will over com (MORE)

Is Ceres habitable?

Well you couldn't live there without a space suit or air-tight building, why? A very weak, or no, atmsophere (probably out of water vapor)No known magnetic fieldVery low gravi (MORE)
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What are the health habits?

1. Go to the restroom when you need to2. Try to eat a healthy diet3. Chew fully when you are eating4. Brush your teeth at least 2 a day

What is a habit?

The word 'habit' is a noun; a word for:1. regularly repeated  behavior pattern: an action or pattern of behavior that is  repeated so often that it becomes typical of somebo (MORE)

What are good habits?

Follow these and you should be good: 1. Holding the door for people 2. Saying "please" and "thank you" 3. Not picking your nose 4. Bathing regularly 5. Keeping your elbows off (MORE)
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Is stuttering a habit?

No; your best source for information and help for stuttering is non-profit The Stuttering Foundation of America.
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