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What are crystalline solids?

Crystalline solids are usually polar molecules or ionic structuresthat create a lattice. One such example of an ionic lattice is salt(NaCl) where the positive sodium ions are (MORE)
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What does crystalline mean?

Crystalline is a description used for a solid which has its atoms (or ions/molecules) arranged in a repeating pattern. A crystal can be described as a crystalline solid.

What are crystalline and amorphous substances?

Crystalline and Amorphous are two forms of Carbon. Crystalline is the form in which most of the substances consists of crystals or so. Examples are: Diamond, Graphite and Full (MORE)

Why are metals crystalline?

Metals are crystalline because the bond via metallic bonding, are unrestricted as to number and position of nearest neighbor atoms, and have dense atomic packing. Due to these (MORE)
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What does the crystalline lens do?

  The crystalline lens is part of the refracting system of the eye and in addition to the cornea helps focus light onto the retina. The lens can also alter shape (accomm (MORE)

What is a crystalline liquid?

  Liquid crystals (LCs) are substances that exhibit a phase of matter that has properties between those of a conventional liquid and those of a solid crystal. For instance (MORE)

Is a diamond a crystalline solid?

Yes, diamond is a crystalline solid. Refer to the related link for more information and an illustration.
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What is crystalline ceramics?

Crystalline ceramic materials are not amenable to a great range of processing. Methods for dealing with them tend to fall into one of two categories -- either make the ceramic (MORE)

Is plastic crystalline?

Some plastics do indeed have crystalline domains in their structure. these are called spherulites. Most of the domains in many polymers are amorphous though and not crystallin (MORE)