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What are crystalline solids?

Crystalline solids are usually polar molecules or ionic structuresthat create a lattice. One such example of an ionic lattice is salt(NaCl) where the positive sodium ions are (MORE)

What is crystalline?

Answer   The state of a solid material characterized by a periodic & repeating three-dimensional array of atoms, ions, or molecules.
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Why are metals crystalline?

Metals are crystalline because the bond via metallic bonding, are unrestricted as to number and position of nearest neighbor atoms, and have dense atomic packing. Due to these (MORE)
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What is a crystalline substance?

where the atoms that make up the mineral are arranged in an orderly, repeating, three-dimensional pattern. (Physical Geology, 13th edition Plummer, Carlson, Hammersley)

Is marble crystalline?

no probably is, it probably is not no probably is, it probably is not no probably is, it probably is not no probably is, it probably is not no probably is, it probably is not (MORE)

What is a crystalline liquid?

  Liquid crystals (LCs) are substances that exhibit a phase of matter that has properties between those of a conventional liquid and those of a solid crystal. For instance (MORE)

What is crystalline candy?

Basically, it is candy made from sugar crystals with or without food coloring. You make it by boiling sugar in a pan and pour some in a tall cup or jar. (Add color if you want (MORE)
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What is a crystalline solid-?

Crystalline solids are a class of solids that have regular or  nearly regular crystalline structures. This means that the atoms in  these solids are arranged in an orderly m (MORE)

Which of these is a crystalline solid?

A "crystalline solid" is a solid characterized by a regular,ordered arrangement of particles. Unlike amorphous solids that meltat a range of temperatures, crystalline solids h (MORE)