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Is cubic zirconia a mineral?

Minerals are, by definition, naturally occurring. Since cubic  zirconia is synthesized in a lab, it is not considered a mineral.
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What is cubic zirconia?

A man-made substitute for diamonds. It is much closer to the physical characteristics of a real diamond than other imitations.   * Cubic zirconia (also known simply as 'cz' (MORE)

What is difference between cubic zirconia and zircon?

  Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic man-made material, while Zircon is a natural substance dug from the earth. Also, real Zircon is more rare and expensive than cz (cubic zirc (MORE)

Why is cubic zirconia not a mineral?

  Geologists define minerals as occurring naturally. As cubic zirconia is synthesized in a lab, it is not considered a mineral
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How much is a sterling silver ring with cubic zirconia worth?

All depends on the quality of the CZ as well as the weight of the silver.You have to take into consideration the stones ,the smaller the stones [micro pave] the more expensive (MORE)

Does Cubic Zirconia become cloudy after a few years?

Yes. My wedding ring is a cz... it started looking cloudy after 15 yrs. So it takes a while but yes it will turn cloudy.
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Is cubic zirconia a cool stone?

Cubic Zirconia is well known as a substitute for Diamonds, due to its high hardness and great fire. It is a man-made, synthetic jewelry gemstone. But in recent years, it has e (MORE)

How much are cubic zirconia worth?

Sadly, only a few dollars. i figured this out when i went to a jewelry store with a newly found "Gem" in which I thought was a diamond. The jeweler, after investigating it, sa (MORE)

Can you put a diamond and cubic zirconia together in the same setting?

Reputable stores and jewelers usually set CZ in no higher than 10k gold, and they are stamped as such. The CZ is on the inside of the band by the gold stamp. However, anybod (MORE)