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How is cubic zirconia made?

Not zirconium metal, but zirconium dioxide (zirconia) - ZrO2. Simply speaking CZ is made via crystallisation. In this process, the compound is heated up until it melts and th (MORE)
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Is cubic zirconia a mineral?

Minerals are, by definition, naturally occurring. Since cubic  zirconia is synthesized in a lab, it is not considered a mineral.
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What is cubic zirconia?

A man-made substitute for diamonds. It is much closer to the physical characteristics of a real diamond than other imitations.   * Cubic zirconia (also known simply as 'cz' (MORE)

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How much is cubic zirconia?

You can purchase one for approx $10-$70 depending on where you get them from. Cubic Zirconia, CZ Jewelry & Engagement Rings in 14k Gold Jewelers Studio offers high quali (MORE)
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Is cubic zirconia a cool stone?

Cubic Zirconia is well known as a substitute for Diamonds, due to its high hardness and great fire. It is a man-made, synthetic jewelry gemstone. But in recent years, it has e (MORE)

How much are cubic zirconia worth?

Sadly, only a few dollars. i figured this out when i went to a jewelry store with a newly found "Gem" in which I thought was a diamond. The jeweler, after investigating it, sa (MORE)