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What is a cubit?

a cubit is a unit of mesurment from the length of the tip of the middle finger to the elbow.

What is 100 cubits?

A "cubit" is an ancient Egyptian unit of measurement equating to 18 inches. Thus, 100 cubits = 150 feet = 45.72 meters.. The term is sometimes used to mean square cubits, or (MORE)

How big is a cubit?

A cubit is the measurement from a mans forearm to the tip of his middle finger. As you can see that means that each mans cubit is a different size. To solve this problem in An (MORE)

How much is a cubit?

This is from a Bible dictionary: The ordinary unit of length among the Hebrews; originally the distance from the elbow to the tip of the fingers. It varied in length, from 17 (MORE)

What is the abbreviation cubit?

Ancient Abbreviation It is not known as to exactly how length in cubits was abbreviated but iit can be inferred that abbreviations were used in those days. However, a cubit, s (MORE)

Is cubit standard?

Few ancient measurements were 'standard'. Generally two people doing business agreed on the standard between them. A cubit was a body-based measurement - supposedly the len (MORE)