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How many feet is threescore cubits?

Threescore cubits is 60 cubits. One cubit is 1.5 feet. So: 60 cubits x 1.5 feet = 90 feet
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How big is a cubit?

A cubit is the measurement from a mans forearm to the tip of his middle finger. As you can see that means that each mans cubit is a different size. To solve this problem in An (MORE)
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Where on the body is the cubital fossa?

The cubital fossa is the depression located on your anterior elbow. The popliteal fossa is on the posterior aspect of the knee.
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What is 100 cubits?

  A "cubit" is an ancient Egyptian unit of measurement equating to 18 inches. Thus, 100 cubits = 150 feet = 45.72 meters.   The term is sometimes used to mean square cu (MORE)

How much is a cubit?

This is from a Bible dictionary: The ordinary unit of length among the Hebrews; originally the distance from the elbow to the tip of the fingers. It varied in length, from 17 (MORE)

Why did people stop using the cubit?

After the decline of the Roman Empire there was a demographic decline and fewer buildings erected and the cubit eventually became the Yard.
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What is a cubit?

a cubit is a unit of mesurment from the length of the tip of the middle finger to the elbow.
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How tall is Goliath at six cubits?

Goliath, the Philistine champion from Gath from 1 Samuel chapter 17, stood 6 cubits and 1 span in height which totals about 9.75 feet or 3 meters . Note the Greek version (MORE)