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What is a cuckoo?

A Cuckoo is a bird. It lays one egg in a nest of another bird species. When the Cuckoo chick hatches, it ejects from the nest the eggs and/or chicks of the birds which built t (MORE)

Cuckoo and warbler?

The cuckoo and reed warbler are birds that have a symbioticrelationship. Cuckoo birds will deposit their eggs in a nestalready established by the reed warbler. When a cuckoo e (MORE)

What does the warbler do to the cuckoo?

Some warbler species know that a Cuckoo means danger to their nest and their future chicks, so the parent Warblers will mob the female cuckoo intruder in the hope that the fem (MORE)

Where is cuckoo house?

Cuckoo is a small unincorporated community in Louisa County,Virginia. The Cuckoo House was built there in 1819 for a Mr. HenryPendleton.
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Where do cuckoo migrate?

For species breeding at higher latitudes, food availability means that they migrate to warmer climates during the winter, and all do so.

What animal is a cuckoo?

Cuckoo is a type of bird belonging to family of the Cuculidae. They are medium sized slender birds.They feed on insects, insect larvae and a variety of other animals,as well (MORE)

Does a pig cuckoo?

Ok boo i dont know if you learned your animal sounds in first grade but as far as i know a pig does not cuckoo it goes oinnnkk