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Cue for Treason?

cue for treason is a book. cue is a signal and treason is a violation against a country.
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What is a cue?

A cue could be any of the following depending on the context of the conversation - The last words of a speech in a play forming a guide for the next actor to appear. A pigtai ( Full Answer )
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What is monocular cue?

Part of depth-perception is the ability to perceive the distance of an object. There are a variety of things that we use to judge how far away an object is. Some of these cues ( Full Answer )
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What does cue mean?

A thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance.
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What is cue acting?

Cue acting is a way of acting in the Elizabethan theatre (Shakespeare's time) where an actor doesn't receive his lines before the play is actually performed. Instead, someone ( Full Answer )
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What is a heuristic cue?

A heuristic cue is something we encounter in our every day lifewhen we make a decision. These cues may be based on pastexperience, bias or common sense. An example would be us ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get your cue weighted?

Most cues are made to be adjustable. The weight bolts are changed, added, or removed as needed from the butt end of the cue. Remove the rubber bumper from the butt end of the ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms for cue?

it is an instrument made of wooden rod for striking the ball or a signal to proceed like actor get this type of signal to proceed their acting signal, sign, hint, prompt ( Full Answer )
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What is CUE test?

A CUE test is a blood test that measures kidney function. Doctorsorder this test to check your creatinine, urea, and electrolytelevels.
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What is a cue on Tumblr?

It's called queue, and it's for posting stuff automatically, it works great when you're on vacation but you still want to update your blog.