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What is an example of a cult?

Heaven's Gate. Branch Davidians. It's a group of people with abnormal or bizarre beliefs or practice. Most cults seek to shelter members from the outside world in order to com (MORE)

Is Lutheran a cult?

NO. It is a Christian Protestant religion based on the teachings of Martin Luther who broke with the Catholic church.
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What is a sect or cult?

Sect is a break away as subset of a community with its own distinct custom,religion worship ,rituals. It has social sanction. Cult on the other hand is the practice of a ritu (MORE)

Is gothic a cult?

If you're talking gothic as in the Goth / Gothic music scene then no. It's no different than any other scene (punk, metal, straightedge, hip-hop, electronic, folk). It's a gro (MORE)

How do cults operate?

Cult Watch: 10 Points to look out for in your group members 1.) Obsession about group or the leader putting it above most other considerations. 2.) Member�s individual ident (MORE)

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What is cult leader?

A cult is a religious or social style group that possesses deviant  or novel beliefs and utilizes such style practices. A cult leader  is the head of such a group that posse (MORE)

How do you get out of a cult?

Deprogramming by a professionally trained individual or individuals if leaving is involuntary...if voluntary, complete separation from everyone & everything associated with th (MORE)

Is Christianity a cult?

Whether I yes or no, it won't mean a thing because each one have his own definition of what cult is depending on which side of the fence he belongs.. Unless we agree on a defi (MORE)

Is cogic a cult?

no it is not a cult. It is a religion like Assembly of God, Church of God, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, and protestant. Basic it is in the Protestant category under Pentecost (MORE)