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What is cultural?

Cultural is relating to culture or culturing. Culture is thecharacteristics of a particular group of people, defined byeverything from language, religion, etc.

'What is culture?

\nculture defines who a person is, where they come from [in some cases], what they eat, what they wear, what they believe in.

Why do you have culture?

we have culture because, culture is a ordinary habit/attitude of man in daily lives. Everyday, we changed our culture. As what i have said culture is just ordinary habit of a (MORE)
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What does culture do?

Culturedoesn't necessarily do anything its what you do for a living and what you wear and what you eat and basically how you live your everyday life. If you want to know wha (MORE)
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Where is culture?

culture is that what kind of religion you born in what kind of language do you speak
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What is culturalization?

cul·tur·al·ize [kuhl-cher-uh-lahyz] Show IPA. verb (used with object), cul·tur·al·ized, cul·tur·al·iz·ing. Anthropology .. to expose or subjec (MORE)