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Does Canada have a more collective culture than the us?

If by collective culture you mean tending to view ourselves as member of a group rather than individual then the short easy answer is yes. The longer answer would have to ta (MORE)

How is hockey as a cultural symbol in Canada?

Many people when they think of the great game of hockey think of or should think of Canada. Hockey was invented in Canada and is one of our major symbols. People have been (MORE)

What are the cultural differences between Canada and the US?

How is Canada different..let me tell youHaving lived in the U.S. for a few years back in college days and in Canada the rest of my life, I can offer up these differences: - Th (MORE)

Food culture of Canada?

  Essentially, Canadian food culture is very similar to American cuisine, but with an added emphasis on traditional British dishes, and some uniquely Canadian dishes (pout (MORE)
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Why does Canada have both English culture and French culture?

Layman's version:   Vikings found Canada - Left  English found Canada  French found Canada   French Settled in modern day Quebec  English settled in modern d (MORE)