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What can you get in New Zealand?

You can get almost anything that you can get in Australia, England, America or anywhere else in the western world.
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Where is New Zealand?

New Zealand is an island nation located about 2000km south east of  Australia, at 41 degrees south and 174 degrees east.    New Zealand is in the South Pacific ocean, (MORE)

How did they get to New Zealand?

If 'they' is meaning the Maori Warriors and Iwi who were originally living in New Zealand, they travelled to New Zealand by waka, which is a canoe type boat. If the question (MORE)

What is New Zealand?

A+ Students an independent nation    New Zealand is a westernised first-world country, located 1250  miles southeast of Australia, in the south-western Pacific Ocean. (MORE)

What is New Zealand culture?

New zealand is a bicultural country, it has two cultures: Maori, the indigenous culture, and Pakeha, a multi-culture made up of all the cultures that have settled New Zealand (MORE)

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