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What about Portugal?

Some facts about Portugal include the fact that over 230 millionpeople speak Portuguese and Portugal produces half of the world'scork. Portugal is also the home of the largest (MORE)

Is there sharks in Portugal?

Yes.   There are many sharks in portuguese waters. Even great whites.     However, there only one confirmed register of a shark attack in the  portuguese coast, nea (MORE)

What fruit are from Portugal?

The most known are the bananas from Madeira, the oranges from Algarve and the grapes that originate the Porto wine.
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Where is Portugal?

Portugal is next to Spain, in the south of Europe. Is the most westcountry in this continent. A good country for vacations with thebeautiful landscapes, beatches and hills. I (MORE)

The currency of Portugal?

Since 2002 Portugal adopted the Euro (€) as legal currency. Before 2002 the Portuguese currency was denominated as "Escudo" meaning shield (from 1911 to 2002). Before that ( (MORE)

When did Portugal be named Portugal?

Well, in 1128 the, soon to be the first Portuguese King, D. Afonso Henriques created the Portucalense county after a war against his mother's armys the king, in 1143, against (MORE)

Are there cockroaches in Portugal?

Yes. There are cockroaches everywhere. They can be transported in every way imaginable, including on you... just look it up on the Orkin Extermination website or other cockroa (MORE)

What is Portugal surrounded?

Portugal makes frontier with Spain in the North and east and its border by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and South. Al thought Portugal does not geographically stands on the (MORE)

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