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Where is Portugal?

Portugal is next to Spain, in the south of Europe. Is the most westcountry in this continent. A good country for vacations with thebeautiful landscapes, beatches and hills. I (MORE)

What about Portugal?

Some facts about Portugal include the fact that over 230 millionpeople speak Portuguese and Portugal produces half of the world'scork. Portugal is also the home of the largest (MORE)

What is Portugal like?

Portugal is a wonderful european country, with many traditions and ancient customs. A tasteful cuisine, magnificent landscapes, nice people, and an advanced culture. Many amaz (MORE)

What does Portugal import?

In 2005 Portugal's top imports were machinery and transport equipment; manufactured goods; mineral fuels; lubricated materials; chemicals and related products. Portugal spent (MORE)

What is the flag of Portugal?

The flag of Portugal has a two-color field that's unequally divided between about 2/5 dark green and 3/5 scarlet red. Centered over the color boundary between green and red is (MORE)

How long is Portugal?

Mainland Portugal is around 349 miles [562 kilometers] in length from the northernmost point in the village of Cevide in the North Region [Região Norte] to the southernmost p (MORE)

What are the Ethnicities of Portugal?

Portugal WAS in 2001 98.0% Portuguese 1.5% Other White 0.3% Maghreb or Muslim 0.1% Black 0.1% Other In 2012: 99.1% EUROPEAN DESCENT (2050: 94%) -96.1% Portugues (MORE)

What is Portugals mascot?

Portugal doesn't have any official mascot, but Galo de Barcelos which means Barcelos Rooster is usually used as a symbol of Portugal. Barcelos is a Portuguese city and its pop (MORE)

When did Portugal be named Portugal?

Well, in 1128 the, soon to be the first Portuguese King, D. Afonso Henriques created the Portucalense county after a war against his mother's armys the king, in 1143, against (MORE)