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What is the initials for Soviet Union?

The initials in English are USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). In the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet CCCP. Please note that an apparent "C" is equivalent to an English (MORE)

Who was the leader of the Soviet Union in 1945?

Joseph Stalin.     Joseph Stalin became ruler of the Soviet Union soon after Lenin  died in 1924. Stalin then established a brutal communist  dictatorship. He murd (MORE)
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What was the culture like in the Soviet Union?

The culture of the Soviet Union passed through several stages during the USSR's 70-year existence. During the first eleven years following the Revolution (1918-1929), there wa (MORE)
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Was Czechoslovakia part of the Soviet Union?

No, Czechoslovakia never was a part of the USSR. It used to be a member of the Warsaw Pact and was considered an Eastern Bloc country, which means it was under heavy influence (MORE)
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Why did the soviet union die?

Because Communism and/or Socialism are not effective economic models. When people are not motivated to produce (as by the profit motive under Capitalism), production will be (MORE)

What is the Soviet Union about?

The Soviet Union, also known as the the USSR (Union of SovietSocialist Republics) was a country where modern day Russia,including some other countrys, for example, Ukraine and (MORE)

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