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Can pollution get in culverts?

Culverts are common place for pollution. Runoff from streets andindustrial run directly in under street culverts for redirectioninto streams and rivers.

What is culvert behavior?

a Culvert is a drainage ditch or literal (half pipe) I am sure you mean Covert, meaning concealed or undercover. Come to think of it Watergate would fit both definitions as th (MORE)
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What is box culvert?

Box culvert can be described as either a precast concrete or reinforced concrete structure in rectangular figure, facilitating water flow through an embankment of road,etc,as (MORE)

How do you installs culverts?

" Step 1. Dig out the drainage ditch. Broaden the ditch to roughly twice the width of the culvert and angle the sides of the ditch. Dig about six inches out of the bottom, fo (MORE)

What is the Abutment of the culvert?

Type your answer here.. The outer columns of any bridge or culvert is called Abutment .There is two abutments in one bridge and inner columns of bridge is called piers. Hen (MORE)
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What is erosion control at culvert outlets?

Usually large rocks are placed at the outlet of a culvert to prevent the concentrated outflow of water from eroding and moving sediment and delivering the sediment to larger c (MORE)

What is the root word for culvert?

The root word fro CULVERT is a word from Tamil Language, "kalvettu" meaning stone walls. In tamilnadu, anicut dam (meaning Stone dam or "Kal anai") is a dam built across River (MORE)