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What is hume pipe culvert?

Hume pipe Culvert is a cross drainage work or small bridge used to pass flood water through one or number of Precast RCC Hume pipes laid soil.
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What is box culvert?

Box culvert can be described as either a precast concrete or reinforced concrete structure in rectangular figure, facilitating water flow through an embankment of road,etc,as (MORE)

What is a sentence of culvert?

The fox is in the culvert. The culvert is blocked at the other end.
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What is the Abutment of the culvert?

Type your answer here.. The outer columns of any bridge or culvert is called Abutment .There is two abutments in one bridge and inner columns of bridge is called piers. Hence (MORE)
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What is erosion control at culvert outlets?

Usually large rocks are placed at the outlet of a culvert to prevent the concentrated outflow of water from eroding and moving sediment and delivering the sediment to larger c (MORE)