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When was cumbria flooded?

Cockermouth and the surrounding west Cumbia was badly flooded in November 2009 by the river derwent, it was also flooded in 2005 but not a bad

What is cumbria like?

In spring beautiful daffodil's! winter Loads of snow! Summer extremely HOT! Autumn well sometimes snow!

Why did it rain in Cumbria?

The long downpour was caused by a lengthy flow of warm, moist air that came from the Azores in the mid-Atlantic. This kind of airflow is common in the UK in the autumn and the (MORE)
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Where abouts is carlisle in cumbria?

Carlisle (pronounced , locally /ˈkɑːlaɪl/ (MORE)
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Is cumbria a part of Wales?

No, Cumbria is part of the North-East of England. You may be getting mixed up with the word 'Cambria', which is a Romanised term for Wales.
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Who built Carlisle castle in cumbria?

The castle was actually built by locals and forced laborers. However, it was ordered by William II of England.