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What is a Cummins diesel?

Well, first of all it's spelled and pronounced Cummins, and it is an engine manufactured by that company.
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What is a cumminity?

\nIf you mean community, a community is a group of interacting organisms sharing an environment.
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What is the difference between a red cummins and a black cummins?

Basically, year of manufacture and what emissions regulations they had to fall under. Pre-2003 ACERT motors are your red tops, whereas Cummins designated their line of diesel (MORE)
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Is a cummins 6.9 a good motor?

If you mean "Cummins 5.9L" yes it's a good engine. There is no such thing as a Cummins 6.9L. The 5.9L I-6 Cummins is known as the "B-Series". It was named #10 out of 10 as the (MORE)

When is Ford putting cummins in their trucks?

Ford IS NOT putting Cummins in their trucks. Chrysler Corporation and Cummins Diesel Engines, Inc. just signed a multi-year contract to keep Cummins engines in Dodge Ram Heavy (MORE)

Would you trade a Cummins 5.9 for a Cummins 6.7?

Nope. While the 6.7 does put up some impressive numbers, I wouldn'twant to deal with the catalytic aftertreatment system of the 6.7.
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