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What is the cumulative mass curve?

Mass-Curve is a plot of the cumulative flow volumes as function of time. It is used to determine the critical period of a reservoir showing the relationship between withdraw (MORE)

What is cumulative or evolve constitution?

A cumulative or evolved constitution is not drafted or written  during a national convention nor is it written by an assembled  group. It's a constitution that develops over (MORE)

Is a cumulative GPA of 3.882 good?

A cumulative GPA of 3.882 on a 4.0 scale is an excellent average by any standard. Please understand, however, if you are applying to a very competitive college, that some coll (MORE)
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What is cumulative process?

Generally, a cumulative process would be one in which new growth is added to old growth, and the larger the material, the more new growth. The growth of a tree, or an avalanch (MORE)

What is cumulative constitution?

One which is a product of growth or a long period of development originating in customs, traditions, judicial decisions, etc., rather than from a deliberate and formal enactme (MORE)

BF Skinner cumulative recorder?

In instrumental conditioning a cumulative record is a graphical representation of how a response is repeated over time, with the passage of time represented by the horizontal (MORE)