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Is a curved line a line segment?

Yes, technically a curved line can be a line segment, a line in general is something that can be curved or straight
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What is a line which cuts parallel line?

The line that cuts a parallel line is called a TRANSVERSAL. When you have parallel lines and you want to show like corresponding, vertical, ect.... then the line that cut thro (MORE)

Are cunard cruises owned by Carnival cruises?

cunard are owned by a company called carnival corporation who also own carnival cruises, costa cruises, cunard cruises , holland america, p&o cruises, princess cruises, ocean (MORE)
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Who owns the Cunard shipping lines?

The Cunard shipping lines are owned by Carnival Cruises. They are a joint US and UK owned company and they have a turnover of many millions each year.
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Is it 'toe the line' or 'tow the line'?

Answer   The previous response was " 'tow the line'.... in reference to- pulling your weight, doing your share, etc." This is incorrect. The correct phrase is "Toe the li (MORE)

What is longer a line or line segment?

A line segment is actually a normal line:( yes i know i couldn't believe it myself either), a real line goes on forever, (both ways up and down and never end). Whereas a line (MORE)