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What is a cup?

A cup is an object that can be easily held in order to drinkliquid. It is also a kind of trophy.
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What are cups?

a cup is a small glass or plastic container that you drink from.. Also, a protective plate that a male wears over his genitals in sports such as hockey or paintball. It prote ( Full Answer )
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What is the Cup?

a cup is a thing which has some rounded curve at the bottom and has place to store or use or drink from something like coffee and milk. it is a type of an small pottery or an ( Full Answer )
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What is cups?

it depends are you talking about bra cups,drinking cups or other thins so write back and please be specific. See also the wikipedia disambiguity page for cups, located: ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have a cup?

Most people have a cup to drink from. Some people have a cup to protect their testicles.
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How many cups are in a cup and 2 cups?

it really depends on what the cups are measured by. for instance, in a 20mL cup, you can put 2 10mL cups of liquid in it.
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Are there two cups in the World Cup?

There was the original trophy, called the Jules Rimet, first presented in 1930 to winners Uruguay. In 1970 it was given to Brazil to keep as they had won it for a third time. ( Full Answer )
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Who has more World Cup cups?

Brazil with 5 world cup wins: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002 and Italy is in 2 nd with 4 wins
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What does cupping do?

Cupping disperses and moves qi by exerting suction and pressure. Cupping is used when the qi is blocked at certain points, or when qi needs to be drawn to the surface of the b ( Full Answer )
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What can a cup do?

a cup is used to hold liquids, so one may retrive them for purposes of curing thirst, for celebration, or just becasue.