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What does sub curia mean?

Re: What does the term sub curia refer to?  Sub curia means that the court is holding the motion for sentence modification until such a time as the defendant or his attorney, (MORE)

What is amicus curiae?

Amicus curiae or friend of the court is someone who brings to the courts attention some point of law or fact something which would otherwise have been overlooked usually this (MORE)

What is the amicus curiae for the TLO v New Jersey case?

The correct 'style' of the case is New Jersey v. TLO, not the other way around. "Amicus curiae" is a Latin term meaning "friend of the court". A person or an organization whi (MORE)

Who made the roman curia?

The term Roman Curia  usually refers to the administrative apparatus of the Catholic  Church. The name Curia comes from the institutions of ancient Rome.  The Roman curia i (MORE)