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What is amicus curiae?

Amicus curiae or friend of the court is someone who brings to the courts attention some point of law or fact something which would otherwise have been overlooked usually this (MORE)

Who made the roman curia?

The term Roman Curiausually refers to the administrative apparatus of the CatholicChurch. The name Curia comes from the institutions of ancient Rome.The Roman curia intended a (MORE)

What was the Curia composed of?

The Curia is the administrative offices of the Vatican. It is headed by Cardinals and Bishops, staffed by Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and laity. For the complete ind (MORE)
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How much does a soda cost in curia?

The curia means ÒcourtÓ in the Latin and is traditionally a reference to the Roman court. The cost of a soda in the curia would depend on if it is purchased in vending m (MORE)
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What does amicus curiae mean in English?

"Amicus curiae" is a legal term that means "friend of the court" in English. The term refers to someone not in a party on a case that provides information pertaining to the ca (MORE)

How old is curia in rome?

If you are referring to the administration of the Catholic Church, the date of its beginning is not certain . The final shape of the administration of the Vatican, the curia, (MORE)