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About Marie curie?

She died of Aplastic anemia a disease when the white blood cells attack the bone marrow this can happen from exposure of radiation. Marie curie found radioactivity polonium ( Full Answer )
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Who was Pierre curie?

Pierre Curie was a famous scientist that was a pioneer in piezoelectricity and a professor at the Sorbonne in Paris. He married Marie Curie and together the were early researc ( Full Answer )
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What did madame curie do?

Madame Curie discovered polonium and radium, which are radioactivesubstances. She was the leading expert on radiation and was thefirst to isolate pure radium.
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What did Pierre curie do?

Pierre Curie discovered the Curie Point and Curie's Law. He also made groundbreaking research with Marie on radioactivity.
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Who was Marie Curie?

Marie Sklodowska Curie was a Polish chemist and physicist who studied in the field of radioactivity. She and her husband, Pierre Curie, founded the element radium using pitc ( Full Answer )
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Who was Madam Curie?

a good informational book/bio on Marie is called, "Marie Curie" by Vicki Cobb. there's a caption on the front that says "a photographic story of a life" and there's a pic. of ( Full Answer )
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Who are the curies?

The Curie's are a famous family of scientist that have earned more Nobel Prizes than any other family.
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What are petite curies?

Petite curies are small x-ray laboratories. The term is a reference to the amount of radiation involved.
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What did the Marie curie do?

Marie Curie discovered radium and polonium with her husband, Pierre Curie. This lead to the radiation therapy, which is a therapy used for treating diseased cancer cells by pu ( Full Answer )
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When did curie live?

Marie Curie - was born Manya Sklodowska in Warsaw in 1867 - she died of leukemia probably due to long exposure to radiation in 1934.