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How do you cure tuberculoses?

There is not a specific cure for tuberculosis but there is avaccine that children can get to prevent them from getting it. Ifsomeone has tuberculosis, there are medications th (MORE)
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What is is a cure?

Definition:means of healing or restoring to health; remedy.. All added together it is when something is figured out, or solved.. Treated that it does not come back again.
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What is the cure to cure lymphedema?

Lymphodema is caused when a person has had lymph nodes removed and swelling occurs in the area that was protected by those lymph glands. .
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How do you cure tummys?

If there is a condition called "tummys", I am not aware of it. Some clarification would certainly help. However, if you are concerned about a particular condition, such as abd (MORE)
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Is there a cure for zombies?

That would depend on what caused the zombiehood. However, there is almost certainly a way to either reverse the cause and effects or to prevent it continuing.
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Can they be cured?

Depends on what you mean by "they". If you're talking aout stds, some of them can be cured with antibiotics. Infections like herpes, genital warts and HIV don't have cures.
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How you cure?

many people have medicines that cure, others wait patient to return to their usual state. Or sometimes you can not cure, for example: A stroke, cancer and other diseases but (MORE)
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Will you get cured?

In fact, most major diseases and conditions have no cures. Instead,they have management measures and treatments to keep the symptomsunder control. Most true "cures" are for co (MORE)
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What is curing why need to curing in buildings?

Curing in buildings is a process that is keeps freshly poured concrete from drying. It is kept at a certain temperature to keep it moist. Curing in buildings is important beca (MORE)
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Is there a cure cure for hepatitis C?

With regard to hepatitis C, antiviral medications exists that slowthe progression of liver damage, and it is vital that you stay awayfrom alcoholic beverages.