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What is the synonym for curiosity?

Another word for being curious is to be "inquisitive." Thus, youcould say someone was displaying curiosity, or displayinginquisitiveness (but of the two, curiosity is the more (MORE)
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Example of curiosity?

A very curious person asked the question about what curiosity means. :P Ok, so curiosity is a sense of wanting to know more information about something... anything, and, i (MORE)

Why is curiosity important?

Curiosity is simply a trait that some of us have more or less of. Curiosity is important because it directly affects your imagination capability and your sense of adventure. I (MORE)

Is Curiosity a sin?

If it is, then that cat is definitely going to hell.   *********** If it is, then all great scientists, artists, and philosophers are devils.
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What is curiosity motive?

The curiosity motive innate in every human can be used to advantage in language instruction. Instructional physical resources; grouping of learners and teachers; selection and (MORE)

Who scientist that an curiosity?

Scientists have Curiosity, it is what in essence makes up the constantly changing and observations of sensory details,evidence,theories and inferences that makes the Scientifi (MORE)

Where is Curiosity on its journey?

This question was posted on March 22, 2012, just about 4 monthsafter Curiosity was launched from Cape Canaveral, and within a few weeks of themid-point on its journey. The (MORE)