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How do you get curly hair?

1. use herbal essences tousle me softly mousse. 2. get your hair wet, then braid your entire head. u should sleep in it, then when you wake up, its crimped, or curly 3.use a c (MORE)

Why is hair curly?

  The shape of a hair strand depends upon the shape of the follical in your skin AND the genetic code you have for hair protein. Some individuals are genetically coded to (MORE)

What makes curly hair curly?

If you have a flat shaft then then you have curly hair. If you have straight hair you have an oval shaft. It always depends on what type of shaft you have. It also depends if (MORE)
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What is french for curly?

  bouclé   Note that the word can also mean "buckled".
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How to get curly hair?

There are 3 definite ways to do this either... 1. put in plaits for wavy hair or french plaits for crimpy effecthair put in while hair is still damp. OR sleep in rollers 2. (MORE)

Who is Curly in The Outsiders?

Curly Shepard is the fifteen-year-old brother of Tim Shepard. Curly is stubborn and rough. He cannot go to the rumble because he was put in a reformatory for six months after (MORE)

Who is Curly Thornton?

Emmett Curly Thornton was a politician and an Evangelist. He is  known for his run for President in 1991. He tried to gain the  Democratic nomination that year. But he lost (MORE)