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What is holding current and latching current?

HOLDING CURRENT: The minimum value of current that must be there to provide a path between anode and cathode to flow anode current and thus maintain a thyristor in the on sta (MORE)

What is shunt current and a armature current?

The terms 'shunt' and 'armature' apply to a particular type of d.c. motor, in which the field windings are connected in parallel with the armature windings. 'Shunt' is an arch (MORE)

What is current?

The rate of flow of charge across the given area of conductor is known as current    Current has 2 meanings. The first one means up to date or happening  in the present. (MORE)

What are currents?

Currents are large masses of water in the sea which move steadily in definite directions.Surface currents are caused by periling winds and dragging the surface water along.Dee (MORE)

What is leading current and lagging current?

Leading and lagging currents are not so much "currents" as they are "situations" or "conditions" in an electrical circuit. Reactive characteristics, if there are any, will not (MORE)
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What is current and types of current?

The flow of charge carriers is called current...there are many types called drift current,diffusion current,conventional semi conductor devices.... but nor (MORE)

What is nominal current and Load current?

Nominal Current: In respect to Current Transformers, its the allowable current in amperes which can be transmitted by each contact continuously and simultaneously. Load Cu (MORE)

What is phase current and line current?

A phase current is the current passing through a phase, whereas a line current is the current flowing through a line. In the case of a balanced delta-connected load, IL = 1.7 (MORE)

What does a current do?

An electric current is considered to produce three 'effects'. These are its heating effect,magnetic effect, andchemical effect. The heating effect is made use of in water hea (MORE)