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Who invented the English cursive handwriting?

Aldus Manutius created cursive handwriting, he is italian. What Aldus and others of his time invented (that their age called "cursive") is not what the present age calls "cu (MORE)
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How do you write a cursive F?

Follow the example on this printable sheet. The cursive lower case "f" is formed of two ver (MORE)

Does your signature have to be cursive?

Yes. In a letter to a close friend you may not have to, but as for formal letters, always sign cursive. ...that's not true. US law states "A signature may be written by hand, (MORE)

How do you do a D in cursive?

To make a cursive D, start with making a cursive L. You will make  the cursive L, then continue the curve from the bottom to the top,  connecting it at the top to the beginn (MORE)

Is it better to write in cursive or in print?

It depends on what you're personally comfortable with AND whether or not you think others will be able to read it (if it is meant for others to do so). I personally write with (MORE)