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What cursors does Linux have?

The cursors vary on each Linux Operating System, but they are usually either black or white. Specifically, Ubuntu comes with a cursor theme called "DMZ-White", but there are (MORE)

What is cursors in dbms?

  In database packages, the term cursor refers to a control structure for the successive traversal (and potential processing) of records in a result set.   A cursor is (MORE)

What is the best site to get free cursors?

  Its not really a site, but go on and download and install it. I have it and it has over a million different cursors! You should try it.
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What is a cursor in database?

    Cursors are database objects used to traverse the results of an SQL query. They point to a certain location within a recordset and allow the operator to move forwa (MORE)

What causes the cursor to freeze on a PC?

A cursor can freeze on a PC if the RAM or CPU is overloaded or as  result of a malfunction program or powerÊplug (adapter). A freeze  can Êalso be Êcaused by overheated o (MORE)

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How do you stop your cursor from jiggling?

My answer came from another forum. The user had a Wacom Tablet.  Once he disconnected it, the jiggle stopped. I had the same problem  and disconnected my Wacom Tablet and st (MORE)

How do you get cursors with cursor codes?

Okay, so first usually you go to your search engine. Sometimes, I type something like "what cursor you want" codes, and then you click on one, but then you get something crazy (MORE)

What are five cursor control keys?

You asked for five such keys. Here are (in my estimation) the most commonly used: [Left arrow] [Right arrow] [Up arrow] [Down arrow] [Home] The following keys can (MORE)

What is a precise cursor?

It is cross hair. Cross hair will help you to precisely paint with brush tool for example, instead of brush tip you will see cross hair while painting.
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How do you change you cursor on windows 8?

To select which cursor you want to use in Windows 8, put your mouse  in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop screen. A menu with  5 icons should appear; select the ge (MORE)