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What are curtains?

Curtains are things that can block you from too much sunlight in the shelter, or blocks what you don't want to see from outside.

What is a beef curtain?

The beef curtain, is a hanging flap of skin known as the lips ofthe female genitalia they appear, and grow due to sexual arousaland frequent sexual intercourse's. The main fun (MORE)

Why are curtains called curtains?

Curtains are just called curtains because the man who named them was called Curt Ains so he wanted to name them after his name! He loved them so much to do this. lol.
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Why do you have curtains?

So people don't look in on us when we are getting dressed or undressed. It is basically for privacy.. Well I think curtains are the great way to decorate our home. In my ho (MORE)

What is curtain made of?

Curtains are made of fabric, they add a lot of difference to your curtains style. They can be silk or Linen or cotton or wool the choice of curtain fabrics depend upon your ne (MORE)

What were black out curtains?

Blackout Curtains were a feature of The Blackout - the tactics of blocking out all lights at night during the Second World War, so that enemy bomber planes could not identify (MORE)
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What is a curtain?

Curtain is a cloth that hang on the windows or doors as a segment between area. Its also uses for decorating the houses and protection from sharp sunlight.

What are curtain sizes?

Window treatment measurements are given in width and length, withthe width mentioned first. The length is measured from the top ofthe rod pocket to the bottom edge of the pane (MORE)