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What are curtains?

Curtains are things that can block you from too much sunlight in the shelter, or blocks what you don't want to see from outside.
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Why are curtains called curtains?

Curtains are just called curtains because the man who named them was called Curt Ains so he wanted to name them after his name! He loved them so much to do this. lol.
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Why do you have curtains?

So people don't look in on us when we are getting dressed or undressed. It is basically for privacy.. Well I think curtains are the great way to decorate our home. In my ho (MORE)
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What were curtain stretchers?

a curtain stretcher is a wooden frame with nails protruding alongthe frame. when you wash the curtains, you take the edges of thecurtains and attach to the frame until they ar (MORE)
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Where was the Iron Curtain?

The "iron curtain" was a reference made by Winston Churchill to an imaginary dividing line between Eastern and Western Europe, with Eastern European countries under the contro (MORE)
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Where can you get purple curtains?

my aunty made me a nice curtain for my wardrobe. she got me some fabric from 'The range', a nice lilac one and a lacy butterfly one. she sewed them together and made my wardro (MORE)
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What is a curtain?

Curtain is a cloth that hang on the windows or doors as a segment between area. Its also uses for decorating the houses and protection from sharp sunlight.
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Are curtains standardized?

Most curtains are manufactured in standard, readymade sizes. Draperies include ready-made items as well as custom-made versions
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What replaces curtains?

The best replacement for curtains are blinds. It is important not to use cheap blinds or thin blinds. Blinds that are 1-2 inches in width and vertical in placement are the bes (MORE)
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Where can you get zebra curtains at?

anna's home store You can buy them online at Search zebra curtains under Home, Garden & Pets. There are different kinds. : )