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Does Tony Curtis have a son?

Tony's third wife, Leslie Allen, bore two sons during their  marriage: Nicholas and Benjamin. The former died in 1994; Tony died  in 2010.
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Who is Curtis Mathis?

Curtis-Mathes is the name of a company that is now a North American electronics retailer. They used to manufacture high-end television sets, but left that business in 1982. Th (MORE)

Who is Ponyboy Curtis?

Ponyboy is a very intelligent person, and the narrator of the story. His parents were killed in a car accident, which left him and his older brothers orphaned. His oldest brot (MORE)

Jamie lee curtis religion?

Jamie Lee Curtis is a very private person, and does not like to  speak publicly about her private views, including religion. She is  part Jewish by heritage, and while she h (MORE)

Who was Martha curtis?

Martha Curtis is the wife of George Washington. She was called Patsy Washington because her father called her Patsy. Therefore, George Washington the first President called hi (MORE)

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