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How to throw a Curveball?

Put your middle finger on the horseshoe seam with index fingerpionted toward target throw and twist your wrist so ur thum goes upand index down
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How do you hit a curveball in tennis?

Answer . You have to spin or slice the ball hardly, but if you watch the "prince of the tennis'' before, you will know that a ball can't spin that incredible. The ball curv ( Full Answer )
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What is a hanging curveball?

A hanging curveball is a curveball that is thrown in a way that makes it easier to hit. A good example of one is a slow curveball that is thrown down the middle. If you get on ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the curveball?

Baseball historians credit the invention of the curve to either Candy Cummings or Fred Goldsmith.. Cummings pitched for six years in the major leagues between 1872-1877. He s ( Full Answer )
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Why does a curveball curve?

cause the way the extra helpful grip is held and follw throughed because of the number of seams fighting the wind pressing on it
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How do you hit a curveball?

In order to hit a curve ball you must wait and watch the ball first. Then get in your bat stance. Once you see the ball come in side, swing.
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What type of curveball a 12 6 curveball or sweeping curveball?

A 12-6 curveball is a breaking ball that has only downwards movement. However, it's unlike a sinker in that a sinker breaks at a sort of right angle while a 12-6 is in more of ( Full Answer )
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What is the observations of a curveball?

The curveball is a breaking pitch in baseball thrown with a characteristic grip and hand movement that impart down and/or sideways spin to the ball . It is therefor ( Full Answer )