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Do you cuss?

Yes, in this world people do cuss. That is even though it is wrong and unnecessary at most times. Another person sed: I only do it at least twice per year. Yes it is a habi (MORE)
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What is cussing?

Cussing is the present participle of the verb "to cuss", meaning tocurse, or to use bad language.
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What is it mean when he cusses at you?

It means he has issues with his temper, is verbally abusing you and something you should NOT put up with - ever!!! You have to be very careful as individuals with such behavio (MORE)

What is cusses?

Cusses r when people say stuff like this ( BTW its alright to cuss underage + have sex underage just don't let ur parents bout it)F. U C. K and stuff like that From:Catlynn (MORE)
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Why do they cuss on YouTube?

some videos they do some they don't the more popular people who get sponsored or receive money for their views aren't allowed to or they dont make money.
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Is cussing wrong?

Cussing : An odd or perverse person or creature. Can we all feel good about ourselves saying that an odd person is wrong? Maybe the person saying another is odd has issu (MORE)
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Why is your mum a cuss?

Its usually because Your Mum holds power over you, and is more important than your dad. Its pretty much the same as "Your Face" or "Your Grandad". People just say it to annoy (MORE)

Why are cuss words cuss words?

They are considered cuss words because enough people consider them to be offensive. The words usually fall into these categories, with some overlap: 1. Religious. That woud (MORE)
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Why does your husband cuss at you?

You see, men have a different way of life than women. Women are sometimes on a different level then men, and frankly some men are hot-headed. Some get angry and don't know wha (MORE)

Why does trunks cusses?

In normal conversational Japanese, it's not normal to cuss... I think the localizers (the people who take a translation and make it more western) added Trunk's colorful vocabu (MORE)