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Who are external customers?

The external customers are the customers who buy the companyâ??s  product brands but not affiliated as an employee. One of the  examples for external customer is a person w (MORE)

What does custom mean?

A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing  something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time

What is credit customer?

  Credit customer means that this customer has a credit term with the company.   Credit term means that the customer can pay at a later date.   Illustrations:   A (MORE)

What are customs?

Customs are various traditions or social mores which are passed  from generation to generation. They compose the very social  infrastructure for human actions and interactio (MORE)

What is Customer Care and Customer Service?

customer service stems from motivated customers who want to reach their goal. What is their goal? In what way can I help them to reach their goal. Once you have laid out a lon (MORE)

What is a customer order?

A customer order is an order of products or services that a  consumer places with a company that has the ability to provide  these needs. Customer orders can be found within (MORE)

Why a customer always a customer?

  I believe that the phrase is, "Once a customer, always a customer." It refers to a business that pleases their customers enough to keep them coming back. In business, re (MORE)