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Who is a customer?

Answer . Anyone who enters a retail establishment with the intent on looking at or purchasing merchandise. . Answer . how important is the customer to a business

What are customs?

Customs are various traditions or social mores which are passedfrom generation to generation. They compose the very socialinfrastructure for human actions and interactions by (MORE)

Why a customer always a customer?

I believe that the phrase is, "Once a customer, always a customer." It refers to a business that pleases their customers enough to keep them coming back. In business, repeat c (MORE)

How do you get customers?

You can get customers by giving business cards or fliers. You can also ask businesses where the people who need your products would go to if you could put up a flier or two an (MORE)

What means the customer and who your customer are?

The customer is defined as a transaction between Provider and an individual in a purchase transaction involving sales of goods and services. The customer is the individual pur (MORE)

What is customer satisfaction in customer service?

Customer satisfaction is a positivefeeling of a customer toward their experience with your business. A satisfied one-time buyer will not only turn into a loyal customerbut wi (MORE)