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What are sales etiquette?

Greet your customers. Ask if there is anything in particular you can help them with today. Be attentive without hovering. Direct your customer as needed , and if they don't ha (MORE)

What is military etiquette?

Military etiquette is the set of courtesies and customs that are peculiar to the military. They cover a broad range, and provide the protocol to follow when addressing, workin (MORE)

Why is etiquette is important?

Etiquette is important because it shows respect. Etiqutte helps us to live in harmony with our fellow human-beings and, etiqutte in return brings us respect! Etiquette can be (MORE)

What does etiquette mean?

Etiquette is being polite. It is good manners. Etiquette is a code of conduct, both written and unwritten, for basic behavior that is socially expected from individuals in a (MORE)

What is telephone etiquette?

Polite reponse to callers. Manners are important in first impressions and often a caller's first impression of a company is with the receptionist of operator. An individual wh (MORE)

What do you mean by etiquette?

  Etiquette means --- the rules and conventions governing correct or polite behavior in society in general or in a specific social or professional group or situation Exa (MORE)

What is etiquette for kids?

As soon as a child is able to understand that other people have feelings, they should be able to learn behavior that doesn't hurt the feelings of others, which is after all, t (MORE)

What are Malaysian's customs and etiquette?

Maylasia is a very polyglot place , consisting of indigenous Malays , Chinese, several types of other Asians , and East Indians. Customs and Etiquette vary widely as to origin (MORE)

What is cyber etiquette?

Cyber etiquette refers to a very broad scope of behavior that is considered acceptable when using the internet. A few of the behaviors that are viewed as immoral include using (MORE)