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Why is cuticle not a tissue?

A cuticle is not tissue because it is a stack of chemicals. Thischemical stack just sits on top of the layer of cells. Tissue is agroup of cells that perform a function, while (MORE)
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What is a cuticle?

Please note the term Cuticle is used interchangeablybetween human Anatomy to describe the area above the finger or toenail, it is also used in Botany to describe the waxy cove (MORE)

Function of cuticle?

The function of a cuticle in a plant is similar to what the skindoes to humans. The cuticle protects the underlying tissuescommonly found on the leaves of plants from rays of (MORE)
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Why is the cuticle waxy?

A plantâ??s cuticle is waxy because it actually is a type of waxthat is produced by the plant. The purpose of the cuticle is tokeep leaves from drying out.
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What is the cuticle of plants?

The cuticle of plants serves as protective covering for theepidermis of leaves and young buds. It is mainly composed of lipidand hydrocarbon polymers, which are embedded with (MORE)