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What is a caper knife for?

after gutting a deer the next step is skinning the animal. the process involves removing the skin from around the neck and head for the purpose of mounting the trophy, this is (MORE)

Is there a substitute for capers?

  Popular opinion is that there is no true substitute for capers, as you will always be missing a vital element of flavor. To replace capers in a recipe and maintain the (MORE)

Are capers a fish?

  No, capers are small green balls that taste something like olives and something like pickles, and they are usually used as a garnish or additive to foods.
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What is a caper?

A "caper" is colloquially a crime or similar scheme (e.g. a bank caper ). In reference to cooking, a "caper" is a bud of the plant Capparis spinosa , which is native to t (MORE)

How do you pickle capers?

Take 2 cups of capers, and 1 cup each of water, sugar and cider vinegar, and 1/4 cup salt. Wash and drain capers, mix salt and water, and pour over capers in jar. Cover and le (MORE)

Are capers kosher?

Capers can be kosher, they require a valid kashrut hechsher (symbol of kosher certification).
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