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Closers who won the Cy Young award?

Through the 2009 season: 1) 1974 - Mike Marshall, Los Angeles Dodgers 2) 1979 - Bruce Sutter, Chicago Cubs 3) 1987 - Steve Bedrosian, Philadelphia Phillies 4) 1989 - M (MORE)

Do any baseball teams have no Cy Young award winners?

At least one team that I know of has no Cy Young award winners in it's history, the Cincinnati Reds, which ironically is professional baseball's oldest team.   ----   As (MORE)

What year did Cy Young play baseball?

  He played from the years 1890-1911   Click on the 'Cy Young' link on this page to see a video bio of Cy Young.
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What is the value of a baseball autographed by Cy Young?

Cy Young Single Signed Baseball   A Cy Young single signed baseball is worth between $4,000 .-$6,000.   Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. (MORE)

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Who was the 1971 Cy Young award winner?

The 1971 Cy Young Award winner was Ferguson Jenkins. He played for the Chicago Cubs and had a record of 24-13, an ERA of 2.77, zero saves, and a Ks of 263.
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