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What is cyanobacteria?

Cyanobacteria are one of the earliest life forms known to have existed on Earth: stromatolites (which you can see on certain coastlines) are mounds of fossilised cynabacteria (MORE)
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What are cyanobacteria?

Basicly its found in exteme conditions, such as a hot spring, hotair vents, or volcano. They aid in health of species. Basicly it isfound in extreme conditions such as hot spr (MORE)
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Where can cyanobacteria be found?

Cyanobacteria can be found in many habitats; soil, on rocks, in fresh water and salt water. They can also be found in the desert where they remain dormant for most of the time (MORE)
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What is the phylum of cyanobacteria?

a group of photosynthetic bacteria, sometimes called the "blue-green algae," that contain the chlorophyll pigments most abundant in plants and algae, as well as other pigments (MORE)
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What is the shape of cyanobacteria?

Cyanobacteria exist in a wide range of shapes and sizes. However,there are three general shapes observed most frequently: spherical,rod and spiral.
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What does cyanobacteria do?

cyano bacteria converts nitrogen into a usable form for organisms as well as many other things
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What do cyanobacteria eat?

Cyanobacteria utilize the energy of sunlight to drive photosynthesis, a process where the energy of light is used to split water molecules into oxygen, protons, and electrons. (MORE)
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How do cyanobacteria get energy?

Well cyanobacteria is like a plant when it gets energy. It gets it's energy from photosynthesis if you need a definition on that I'm sure that there is a person that answered (MORE)
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Does cyanobacteria have flagella?

Nope, cyanobacteria are not known to have flagella. They are, however, able to move about through other mechanisms though. Most commonly is gliding motility. An example is O (MORE)