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What is cybernetics theory?

Modern Cybernetics is usually considered to date from the work of Norbert Wiener. Whilst designing control systems, Wiener considered how a human would reach for an object - c (MORE)

What does cybernetics mean?

\nOriginally, Norbert Weiner defined it as the study of "Control and communications in animal and machine." Nowadays, it's usually defined as the study of regulatory systems.

What has computers played in cybernetics?

Computers have played a role in Cybernetics by, the term today refers to systems of communication and control in complex electronic devices like computers, which have very def (MORE)

Who was the founder of cybernetics and when was he born?

Despite his scientific brilliance and many practical contributions to engineering, Norbert Wiener had a reputation as the archetypal absent-minded professor who left something (MORE)

Explain the term cybernetics?

Cybernetics comes from the Greek word Kybernetes, which means helmsman, and is the science involving communication and control between organic and mechanical systems. A mod (MORE)
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What is ment by cybernet slashsupport?

cybernet slashsupport is called as CSS Corp. CSS Corp is a global information and communications technology company with an impeccable record for designing, developing, deploy (MORE)
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What is cybernetics the study of?

Cybernetics is the study of connecting control systems, electrical network theory and mechanical engineering or Cyberware. Examples of Cybernetics are cyborgs which are part m (MORE)
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What are all the branches of cybernetics?

Fields of study which have influenced or been influenced bycybernetics include later extended it to include information flows"in all media" from stars to brains.