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What is cyclical nature?

The word cyclical means to go in cycles. Pair it up with nature and you are looking at patterns and developments that re-occur on a regular basis in nature. For example the li (MORE)
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What does vomiting do?

Vomit happens because our stomach contracts (squeezes) itself. The opening towards the intestine is closed shut so the food comes up towards the oesophagus (the pipe from the (MORE)

What is a cyclic menu?

  menu that changes on a weekly basis to ensure optinum nutrition as well as offering a variety of foods so as to not bore the people eating eg. this menu is often used in (MORE)

What is vomit?

food that isn't digested enogh and also the acids of the stomachsand the food Is a puke its like a ligoud that is mix and comes freom humans
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What cyclic is?

"Cyclic" (adj.) means that something repeats in cycles. A cycle is  basically a repetition.    The 'cyclic' (noun) is also the attitude control in the hand of a  heli (MORE)

What is cyclic change?

Cyclic change is a phrase used to describe any change in theenvironment and then these changes repeat. An example is theseasons on Earth; they change and will always repeat.