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Is India sending a manned mission to Mars?

NO, definitely not! India has only just joined the space-race and has yet to send a human being into space, let alone contemplate anything that ambitious. The furthest they ha (MORE)

Why is the Mars rover mission important?

The Mars Rover is important because they wanted to see if there's life on Mars. Also they wanted examples of the rocks and sand to see if people can live in Mars. It was put (MORE)

What was the processing power of the first manned mission to the moon compared to today's computer processors?

The Apollo flight guidance computer (AGC) was the first computer to use integrated circuits. At the time, most of the integrated circuits in the world went to the Apollo fli (MORE)

What are Mars missions?

Mars Missions are when scientists send a probe, (an instrument which for example, takes the temperature or discovers the atmosphere of a planet,) or something else to find out (MORE)

Who was the first man to go to mars?

Will humans ever really go to Mars? Let's face it, the obstacles are quite daunting. Not only are there numerous, difficult, technical issues to overcome, but the political wi (MORE)

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